Day 16: I’ve looked at clouds crom both sides now

Karma on the PCT

Mile 193.3. Windy!
Current elevation: 6530 feet
Highest elevation: 9000 feet

Hiker news: At about mile 350, a thru-hiker was bitten by a rattlesnake and had to be airlifted out by helicopter. The hospital gave her six vials of antivenin and kept her for two days. This wasn’t a case of an idiot poking at the snake or trying for a selfie; she was a retired major in the Air Force. The snake wasn’t on the trail but hiding in the bush alongside it. And it didn’t rattle. Just BOOM! Last I heard, she was preparing to get back on trail.

I can’t wait to reach the end of this freaking frakking farking snaky desert. Which is pretty ironic, considering that the last couple of days have been Winter Wonderland. Not deserty at all.

So! Last night I camped in the wind at 9000 feet! That’s a first! The high…

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Day 15: Devils and snow — Karma on the PCT

RIP Baltimore Jack. Jack Tarlin–a thru-hiking legend. The Appalachian Trail lost a bit of its soul this morning.😦 Mile 184.6 Highest elevation: 9050 Current elevation: 8450 First, some Idyllwild leftovers. Skill tweaks: –Sent a half-pound of stuff home, measured in grams. An extra phone cord, extra wet wipes, one OP (odor proof) sack, that kind […]

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