Bio: I am a retired military officer, corporate and senior federal government executive who has also worked in higher education.  I like to bake, backpack, run, work out, remodel houses, practice photography, and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

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  1. Good luck. I follow blogs of a few people a year. I live in Oakwood Ga and am from Hiawassee Ga probably your first stop on the trail. I go up a couple times a year to Dicks Gap and give rides and snacks to thru hikers. My favorite hiker this year made it last month her name was acorn. Acornhikes.com read her blog its great. My sister gave her her first ride good luck

    • Bill, I started in the fall and I’m at mile 700. As soon as I finish dealing with my mother’s passing, I’ll be back out on the trail. I expect to reach Maine by early summer.

      • Jim – Sorry to hear about your mother.
        Congratulations on the 700 mile mark. I’m going to get my first taste of the AT in April when I join a friend for three days as he starts out in Georgia. As I prepare for that I’m getting more and more excited. A longer segment or even a thru hike may be in my future. I’ll be interested in your lessons learned.

      • You’ll enjoy the trail in Georgia with the exception of the population density. As for lessons, just keep following along. Aside from conditioning, understanding logistics is probably the key. It’s easier than it first appears.

  2. So happy to read your current AT blog. I have a daughter on the trail this season (2015) named Laugh Track. You’ll know her if you hear her laughing, that’s for sure! She completed the PCT last season with her older brother (Magic Stick). Thank you again. Your writing is very clear, and laced with heart-felt thoughts, which I appreciate very much.

    • Jim in IA

      Thank you for the information on the Yogi-ism. I referenced the information you posted in a college paper. Someone questioned my source. Can you believe that the CBS video is not working? If you find another source, could you please let me know. I know this Yogi-ism well. I know this is not your battle, but there are certain things, like quoting a legend like Yogi, it is just the principle of it.


  3. Jim, May I have your permission to copy the white-blaze photo from the top of your May 22 crew week posting? I would like to use it on Facebook as a cover picture on the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club Facebook “group” page. Thanks. Lee Manning, PATC Chairman for Information Technology.

  4. Jim, I’ve read your Alternative Thur-Hike on the AT. Last year I hiked the norther half of the AT with Spice, aka Emily Walker. You used several of her photos. I plan on hiking the south half this year starting May 9th. Is that late enough for a NOBO hike to avoid crowds and privies to recover? Or should I hike SOBO? I’d appreciate your feedback. I’ve enjoyed your articles. Thanks. PJ

    • That’s a great time to start. If you want to avoid the bubble, start at Springer. Otherwise, if you start from Harpers headed south, you’ll wade through the NOBO bubble for a month or so.

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