Mobile Device Test

This is a test to check out posting from a mobile Device. REI has a twenty percent off sale. Going to use my discount to buy a pack. Can’t wait.

Am noticing in the Trail Journals that a number of ’13 thru hikers are dropping out due to excessively cold weather. Judging from their comments, many seem unprepared mentally and are ill- equipped. These intrepid souls also seem inexperienced winter campers. You have to be harder than woodpecker lips to live outside in extreme cold for a long time. Experience doing it is a big plus.

Note to self: Pack the -15*F sleeping bag and expeditionary grade down parka and pants. The weight be damned. They can be shipped home from VA. Better than being miserable!
Also including a test photo to see if I can successfully upload. It’s a deer that visited out back hard yesterday.


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