Instant Neighborhood

Today, our second out of Springer was a pure delight. The temps improved and the trail grew slightly more challenging, but pleasant none the less.

It’s Columbus Day weekend and the woods are full of two-legged critters, nearly all of the from Florida. I’m thinking they’ve come this far north for some ritualistic cold weather ritual – at least as they define frigid weather. They must need an annual fix in order to fully appreciate the weather in their home state.

Imagine having to wear long pants and. Jacket I heard one exclaim adventurously. True, I thought. Anything under 80 degrees is a cold snap for them.

So, here we are – Hey Man! – and me at Gooch Gap. We’re surrounded by a sea of tents and a full shelter. A regular pop up neighborhood with some the same folks who were with us last night.

In our company are fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, buddies, friends and others. We met two southbounders on the trail. They could smell the finish line. Trash Can was with us last night and finished his hike today.

Here’s Hey Man! sharing good company around the fire.


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