A Wild Night In Animal Kingdom!

Quite the adventure.


The weather was finally nice for hiking again. I packed up fast choosing to hike while weather was back on my side.
Caleb and Chris had one more wonderful gift… Organic trail mix!
I was so grateful they had been there with me that cold stormy night!
As we stepped out of the tarp entrance into the white snowy dawn – the sight was spectacular!
Very little phone charge meant mtoday I would get to take my last pics before it no longer worked. I snapped shots of snowscapes and animal tracks. The drifts reached 2 feet on the Northern sides of the mountains.
The ground was full of ice and the trees rained Ryne Ice all morning like a snow storm in the sunshine.






I hiked for 2 hours before stopping to make breakfast.
There was a peaceful feeling inside me. A calm I had missed. I hadn’t felt…

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