(Kristin and Eric) Week 1

These folks are having fun.

Trail Mix and Dirty Underwear

Day 1:  Amicalola Falls State Park to Black Gap Shelter,  7.3 miles
Day 2: Black Gap Shelter to Hawk Mountain Shelter, 9.6 miles
Day 3: Hawk Mountain Shelter to Gooch Mountain Shelter, 7.7 miles
Day 4: Gooch Mountain Shelter to Lance Creek Campsites, 8.5 miles
Day 5: Lance Creek Campsites to Neels Gap, 7.4 miles
Day 6: Neels Gap to Low Gap Shelter, 11.5 miles
Day 7: Low Gap Shelter to Blue Mountain Shelter, 7.3 miles

We have both said in our own way that this journey has thus far been the best time in our entire lives. We have both had many adventures in our life, so to say it has been the best of all our experiences is something that took us by surprise.  The fulfilment is so great, it is a close second to our love for each other. 

We are about to start Day 7. Our…

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