A bit of heaven

Years ago a writer tagged Woods Hole Hostel “A little bit of heaven, not to be missed.” That about sums it up. Game. Set. Match.

A unique benefit of being ahead of the main “hiker bubbles” is the exclusivity of the experiences snagable along the way. The lack of crowds is worth trading for occasional loneliness and isolation.

Last night Matt and I enjoyed dinner with Neville and Michael at their intimate kitchen table where we underscored the evening with buoyant conversation about all things large and small.

Woods Hole is more than a unique hostel experience noted for organic home cooked meals and yoga. It’s a working farm with incredible demands on its owners time and energy.

From Scottish Highland cattle to herds of hogs (and piglets), goats, chickens and ducks to rows of vegetable beds there’s endless work. Then there’s the hostel, bunkhouse and hoards of hikers who arrive in force around April 15 – a little more than a month from now.

Michael is principally responsible for the farm while Neville manages the hostel. They’re the whole show assisted in season only by one intern each! They do make a marvelous team.

Hikers often volunteer to help. This afternoon Matt and I pitched in with Michael and Neville to fence in a new hog pen. Just after that two weather ducking hikers arrived and Michael slid into the kitchen to cook a special pasta sauce while Neville and I rolled fresh pasta noodles in tandem.

This couple seems to be doing it right, building on Neville’s Grandmother Tillie’s vision. The character of the original log cabin – the one Neville’s grandparents used when her grandfather migrated to the region to study the elk population as a wildlife biologist – is visible in the expansion architecture. The evolution is sure and pure in its spirit.

Tonight the wind is howling outside gusting to 50 mph. The overnight projected low is 11F. It’s a perfect night to nest in a little bit of heaven.

Post script: The goat struggling to have a kid on our first night had a miscarriage, but her health is good.









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