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Dropbox blocked my link because the file is too large and is generating too much traffic.  That’s what they said.  I have no idea why I pay them $99 per year.  I thought it was a “file sharing” site.  Hummmmm…. Guess not.

Dropbox does have competition.  Love it.  Here’s the link to SugarSync.  Let’s see how long it lasts.

These guys will allow you to download your own copy or simply play it. 

Very sorry for the inconvenience.

18 thoughts on “New Video Link

  1. I didn’t have any trouble downloading it last night. Excellent job Sisu!! Congrats again on a job well done.
    Sparky and I are leaving tomorrow and will start where I left: Erwin. We have two weeks to meander or march as the spirit moves.

  2. Beautiful! I met you once, a morning at a PR conference in DC, and was fascinated by your story and have virtually cheered you on along the way through reading your blog. The video brought a few tears, it is such a great accomplishment. You’ve inspired me to step up my own hiking, burned off some pounds, and wonder, maybe I can try a peace of the Pacific Crest Trail in CA when I retire in California. I look forward to what I hope is a book, maybe a documentary, a movie–if you can do this, you can anything! Thank you for taking me on the journey with you.

    • Jane, It was nice to have you along for the ride. Thank you for your support and kind words. Blogging had a lot to do with keeping my sanity in balance by helping me maintain perspective. There were times during the winter when it was lonesome for sure.

      Good luck on your hiking. I’d tackle the PCT only if I did it with a group of like-minded people. I’ll never again do another long solo hike. For sure with the PCT, while the logistics aren’t as easy as they are on the AT, but the climate, trail quality and scenery certainly top the east cost.

    • The new link is much faster than the previous one. It’s a 15 minute video which also depends on how much bandwidth you have. In my case, I have FIOS and can play it without delay. It takes about three minutes for me to download it.

  3. Your video is spectacular, terrifying and inspiring. Can’t wait to get my own hike started. Thanks so much for sharing your with us.

  4. That was a great video! So many miles, so many pictures so little video time! Enjoyed the journey! Like the music you picked out. What….no theme song from Duffy’s Tavern!!!!

      • There were no “bad” days on the trail, thank heaven. A bad day is defined as one that would cause you to think about quitting. There were several “hard” days meaning that they weren’t a hellova lot of fun. You and I had the good fortune to sit one of those (stormy days) out in Hamburg.

        Good fortune intervened like a deus ex machina several times along the way. One time, I was near being forced to quite due to physical injury. When I got to Pinkham Notch, my knees (actually quadriceps tendons) were extremely painful, so much so that 1800 mg of ibuprofen/day couldn’t bring relief. That plus a prescription pain killer was the only way to bring enough relief to sleep at night. This was compounded my a sudden dislike of food – sight and smell – which I probably got from a dirty dish in one of the huts, tho there were no other gastrointestinal symptoms.

        Again luck intervened. We stayed at the White Mountain Lodge hostel in Gorham, NH for six nights. I slept or rested most of that time while Warren slack packed. Only then did I recover enough to hike on into Maine where, after three days, we stayed at the Pine Ellis hostel and slacked from there for four more days. Even at that, my recovery wasn’t complete until after I took nine days completely off the trail to attend a wedding in Atlanta. I had to go back after Katahdin to pick up the Wildcats which is what was missed while I laid up.

  5. Finally back at my computer and successfully downloaded your inspiring video. Amazing walk, for sure. Some scenes of the weather you walked through were indeed, as someone mentioned, terrifying. It was nice to “be along” as you walked. All the best with your next adventure…be it walking or something else!

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. The weather goes along with the territory – “No rain. No pain. No Maine.” as the saying goes. I will proudly admit that whenever heavy weather was forecast I hunkered down in towns if possible. Sometimes I’d pay someone to “slack pack” me a few miles out of town and I’d walk back in the weather, but to a hot shower and a dry, warm bed. That practice was an added expense, but the dividend was peace of mind during big storms.

      Weather is not all bad. It was during one of these layovers that Warren “Swayed” Fewtrell and I met and subsequently successfully partnered for 750 miles.

      Not sure what the next “big” adventure will be, or even if there will be one. The amount of time required will be a huge factor in any decisions. On the smaller side, a run up to Vermont this fall to complete the Long Trail is in the planning stages. Next year the 500 mile Colorado Trail has been whispering its name in my ear as have some of my favorite peaks and adventures from the time when I actually lived in state.

      What I do know is that getting highly involved in the AT and its management is a top priority and a great way to spend the productive years of my retirement. There’s certainly plenty that needs doing.

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