CDT day 59: entering the Anaconda-Pintler wilderness

A female writer friend and successful AT thru hiker friend turned me on to your blog. She’s right. You rock. You’ve got a fan who is rooting hard for your success. Thanks for sharing your story.


July 2
Mileage 28
1,112 miles hiked

It’s forty degrees when I wake up next to the lake. Forty degrees! Now I wish I hadn’t sent my stove away. I shiver in my sleeping bag, which is damp from condensation, as I eat my cold granola in protein powder milk. No hot tea for me! Oh well.

Everything is fine again, though, once the sun comes up over the granite peaks. The day warms until it’s almost, but not quite, too warm. The elevation profile today looks like this- round a sparkling lake. Climb through the damp flowery forest, up into alpine meadow, and over a pass. Descend down the other side of the pass. Cutaway pass. Rainbow pass. Goat flat. Two others without names. Climbing no longer feels as hard as it did in Glacier- I cruise right along. Montana has made me strong.

We’re in the Anaconda-Pintler wilderness…

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2 thoughts on “CDT day 59: entering the Anaconda-Pintler wilderness

  1. Hi Jim, I hope this message finds you happy and healthy. I know one thing for sure you’re not letting the moss grow under your feet!!! Nor am I as I embark on the 100 mile wilderness in 4 days!! Can you believe it? I am super excited to get started. Donna from Rangeley

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