50 miles in…

Denise is doing fine. She is stubborn and intrepid enough to have overcome a brutal chest cold. That’s a hard way to start.

The Other Road

Okay now that I have been out here for a full week here is what I think.

View from the top of Blood Mountain.
I am a complete bi-polar hiker. My mood can change drastically minute to minute based on the littlest of things such as my energy level at particular moment, the weather, the terrain, the slope, how long since I last ate, how cold my water is, and most importantly how much my feet hurt. Towards the end of the day my feet always hurt.

Today I noticed as I was hiking that I just felt in agony. I was going up a steep hill with big rocks for steps and it was cloudy and cool and I was feeling miserable. After about 500 ft the trail leveled out and became smooth and as I can around the corner the sun poked its head out and instantly I…

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