A little trail town…

Things are looking up for Denise.

The Other Road

So there are not much that hikers look forward to during their hike. It is pretty simple really. A hot shower, clean clothes, and food that hasn’t been dehydrated and smashed in a bag. However, many of us were looking forward to Hot Springs, NC. It is the first town you come to after leaving the Smokies and it is the first real “trail town” we hit. It’s called a trail town because the trail literally goes right through the town.

View of Hot Springs from Lovers Leap.
I was so excited to get to this little trail town because I was excited to see some of my hiking friends who I hadn’t seen in a while, and I was looking forward to making some new friends. I pushed 44 miles in 3 days and made it there just in time to receive free food.

Hot Springs becomes a vortex…

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