Day 18: Freeboiling and Ziggybear

A bit of a fuzzy pic of Karma on the bus. That’s the look of a happy hiker.

Karma on the PCT

Big Bear City, mile 275

Quote of the day: “There are no purists on this bus!”

Weellll… the epic adventure continues! This morning was cold–30 degrees lower than normal. Two days ago, hikers were stumbling into Ziggy and the Bear’s in the blistering heat with heat exhaustion. Today? Jackets and pants.

That 5 miles across the canyon floor is no freaking joke, even in cool temps. Because… freeboiling!

New PCT terminology: Freeboiling! When you’re boiling from the sunbane but freezing from the windbane, all at the same time! It’s the most puzzling freakish thing. I think what happens is that the sun is so hot that you sweat instantly, and the wind is so fierce that it dries it instantly. You can’t put on more clothes. You can’t take off more clothes. You just have to suffer. And walk.

The winds this morning were so fierce that it was impossible…

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