Day 23: Bonk

To suffer or not to suffer….

Karma on the PCT

Mile 325.6
Elevation 3374 feet

I’m calling today a bonk. I think. It was heat on blast again, and I’m managing the heat the way old people usually do: not as well as young people. That’s to say, it’s wiping me the hell out. And if I take a break from 12 to 4 like the kids do, I’m looking at 8-mile days.

Ah, well. Something will present itself. It’s only 380 more miles of desert. 😀

I woke up on my shelf above the trail, and had a glorious view of the mountains. Which were rocky. But not the Rocky Mountains or I’d have been pathologically off trail.

I tried going without ibuprofen this morning. The knee is fine! It’s back to its regular bag-of-sharp-pebbles condition. But I have an outrageous case of hiker’s hobble. My feet! Oy vey! So I ended up taking the ibuprofen a half hour…

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