First Day Back


I felt like a complete trail rookie today. You can tell it’s been almost two months.

I wanted to sight see. As I clomped along, my head bobble headed everywhere. I couldn’t keep my head on the trail, at least until I slipped or tripled on the inch of rapidly melting snow that buttered the course here and there. Then even Fred Astaire couldn’t have matched the moves I gyrated in recovery. No falls today thanks to fancy footwork, but it was close.

There’s another hiker ahead of me whose tracks had me playing Daniel Boone trying to size up my quarry. By the melt rate, I figured a half day lead. When I reached Chatfield Shelter I knew it was a woman and the only person to sign in today. Nice to have company out here. Hope I catch her.

Chatfield is right on the AT parked next to a lively stream with an nearby privy. Total convenience plus a bonus. The white noise generated by the rushing waster totally masks the sound of approaching bears. 🙂

The kid is tired. I humped 7 1/2 miles in 3 1/2 hours. My trail legs atrophied during my absence, my winter kit weighs a lot, and I’m carrying waaay too much food – again.

When I curtailed my hike to attend to my mother, hiker hunger was roaring in my gut. I’d chomp a double Rammen plus a couple of Cliff bars at dinner and want more. Tonight I was full after about a third of my Mountain House beef stew was gone. I ate it all only because there’s no appropriate to chuck it out here.

This will level out in good time.


The first sign of Spring is in the air. Some of the trees and scrubs are beginning to bud. Hope food old forsythia is everywhere on the AT. The dull brown and white duo tone of winter is wearing thin.

Have 18.5 on the docket for tomorrow. Sure hope my old trail legs catch up to me while I’m asleep

Susu. Making tracks

2 thoughts on “First Day Back

  1. I’m sure you will get your legs in time. Give them time to catch up with your plans. My body at 67 seems to be the thing that sets the pace no matter how much I want otherwise.

    We got out for some snowshoeing today after 3″ of fresh snow a couple of days ago. It was a nice wooded area with some good up and down. The cleats on the shoes did their job. It may hit 50˚ this weekend. May not get any more shoeing in unless another good snow comes.

    Take care and enjoy the hikes.

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