Back in the saddle.

Harpers Ferry Hostel, Knoxville, MD, AT NOBO mile 1021, Wednesday April 16, 2014 — Call me a weather wimp.

I wanted to get an early start this morning. We planned to leave the house for Harpers Ferry at 0430.

Last night, we were contemplating an early wake up as we watched the Red Sox game, when nature turned our skylights into snare drums.

Sleet! Not in the forecast at all. Now what? Would the roads be clear? We could either drive to Harpers Ferry before my wife went to work or afterwards. We decided it was time to punt.

Got dropped off at the old federal armory made famous by John Brown’s raid around 4 pm. Brown’s insurrection was put down by Col. Robert E. Lee, an act of historical irony if there ever was one.

The hostel is just up the C&O Canal towpath in Maryland. I’m in position for an early start fortified with a shower and free breakfast.

I probably should have hiked to a shelter, there are three within reach. Guess I’m growing soft. I’ll punch out those miles tomorrow.

Two other thru hikers are scheduled to arrive tonight. Will be nice to see who else is out here.

This is where the AT begins to change character a bit. Some call this stretch from here almost to Vermont the deli per day food plan. Seems that the trail passes within proximity of a restaurant nearly every day.

As always I have a heavy food bag. Hope I figure out the deli delights earlier than later.


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