A bit of heaven

Jim Murray property, N.J., AT NOBO mile 1,339.4, Sunday May 11, 2014 — Heaven. In New Jersey? You bet.

A former thru hiker has a farm with two friendly mules and a couple of tiny cabins, one of which he has set aside for hikers. There’s a well, outdoor shower and a privy. Zowee! When we saw the set up, we dropped anchor.

Maglev was here for a short time, but his hike ends Tuesday, so he motored on. Bus, Swayed and I moseyed a mile plus I to the nearby town of Unionville, N.Y. for dinner, then trucked back to Murray’s bunkhouse.

As we hike along the NY/NJ border, the trail is changing to rocky tops and soggy bottoms as the two young hikers from Rheinlander, WI foretold. We also passed the NJ veterans memorial. Tomorrow night we’re in a church hostel in Vernon, NY tho we won’t have officially crossed the border.

Meanwhile we’re thanking Mr. Murray and loving every minute of our stay.






6 thoughts on “A bit of heaven

  1. Two days ago, I followed the AT ahead of you to see where it was going. I noticed it followed the NY-NJ border. It gives me a better mental fix on your location. It looks like a good place.

  2. That looks like a really nice place. I guess Mr. Murray accepts only thru hikers, I almost want to pretend to be one so I could camp there.

    Tonight you will be in Vernon NJ, the town with the hiker superhighway called Pochuck Boardwalk. Vernon NY is somewhere upstate near Syracuse.

  3. Hey, that looks ALMOST as good as a night of steak fajitas, Fetigritas, a dry bed, and lively conversation with Bob and Val!

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