Lovin’ Kent

Kent Laundromat, Kent, Conn., AT NOBO mile 1,4xx, Tuesday May 20, 2014 — Why do hikers criticize Kent? What’s not to like? This is a lovely community.

We marched the 0.8 miles east up the road from the trail crossing on a bright sunny temperate day. The first thing we see: ICE CREAM! We’re in.

Annie Bananie’s was fantastic as was the banana cookie dough ice cream. The owner was very friendly as was the proprietor of the Fife and Drum motel where we are staying.

All our packages were at the post office. yes! The lady behind the counter loves hikers. With our boxes in hand we slipped next door to the town hall to have a conversation about the laundromat situation.

The selectman’s office was shocked to see the page in the guide where it says “Hikers NOT welcome” on the Kent town map where the laundromat is marked.

Not kosher was the immediate response, and they copied the offending page as evidence. Best of all, I was assured I could to my laundry without fear of arrest.

Further the matter of being unwelcoming will be brought to the attention of the Chamber of Commerce. This, it seems, is inconsistent with the brand the town is trying to project.

All of this just goes to show that “something” can be done, if the right approach is used.

Let’s hope the long term trend is favorable. It’s times like now when I love having gray hair. 🙂

Love the view of the IGA out the laundromat window.
Rain from tomorrow through Sat. 🙁







2 thoughts on “Lovin’ Kent

  1. Love following your hike, and I love that you’re lovin’ Kent. Never understood why it gets such a bad rap. Since my thru hike in 2009, I’ve hiked into Kent at least once a year and I’m always welcomed by everyone I meet. Keep enjoying your hike!
    Lunatic (GA-ME 2009)

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