Green Mountain House Hostel, Tuesday June 3, 2014 — This morning Jeff drove us to AT NOBO mile 1,664.6 for a southbound walk back to town of around 18 miles. That’s where we’ll start northbound tomorrow.

In the big picture we’ll be in Hanover, NH in about six days with one town stop in Killington’s Inn at the Long Trail in between. The rain today made a lot of new mud, so our progress might be slowed to a degree yet to be determined.

Today’s highlight was the Bromley Peak ski area with its spaceship chairlift. Otherwise it was a pretty mundane hike.

Sweat rolled off our brows as the humidity soared and rain threatened. The temp broke 80 F for the first time this year. Fortunately we beat the rain to the hostel by about ten minutes.

When today’s slack pack was in the books, I buzzed Price Chopper for additional supplies of grape and lemonade drink mix. Staying hydrated in hot weather under conditions of prolonged maximal exertion is always problematic. Flavoring the water helps make it more drinkable.

Definitely looking forward to tomorrow.






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