Up, up and away

The Dumont’s, Grantham, NH, Friday June 13, 2014 — It’s Friday the 13th with rain in the forecast all day. A lucky day and time for some hiking.

Our wonderful stay with my cousin Debbi and her husband Larry must end before we eat them out of house and home! They’ve been so gracious it’s hard to leave. Last night we joked of hiking in a circle just so we could return. Thanks guys. You’re the best!

We used our time for R&R, that is resupply and reconnaissance. The resupply part is obvious. Nothing new.

For our reconnaissance mission, I rented a car again from Enterprise. We drove northward to peek at the trail, view the mountains from the opposite end of the telescope (bottom of the hill) and check out a couple of the hostels.

We also arranged to slack the “Wildcats” while we were in Gorham. All of this will become clear as it unfolds over time, so stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Up, up and away

  1. I chuckled at your comment about eating them out of house and home. Seeing your recent post about your caloric intake, I can imagine that would be a danger.

    Congrats on the Award you received. Nice recognition. I am now following his blog. He knows the proper use of crepuscular. He might even know syzygy.

  2. Hey Sisu,
    Glad you two got some needed R&R – the resupply and reconnaissance also. I have good memories from my time on the trial last month (over 300 miles south for you). Thanks for taking time to share your hike thru this blog. You deserve an award! I look look toward reading about the miles ahead.
    Bob H.

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