Drought 2015 | Outlook Not Good

This is not good news for those of us planning a thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail which passes through the heart of the afflicted territory. Of course, hiking is only recreational. Much more importantly, we need to be aware of the drought’s effect on this vast agricultural region.

How I See It

The regional precipitation for the western states of the U.S. during the recent 5 years has been falling below normal. The blue line is the historical average. Winter months are normally the wettest. Instead, the red bars indicate below normal amounts each year. One year ago, I wrote about this situation. The much needed precipitation is not coming.

Despite a brief period of rain and snow in Nov/Dec, the region has returned to below normal precipitation in what should be a rainy season. Data from the Western Regional Climate Center for January 2015 shows much of the region receiving much less than the average (red and orange).


What About El Niño?

Earlier in 2014, hopes were building for the formation of an El Niño. In May, I posted some information about El Niño formation and why it might help the western states. The odds of El Niño have slowly decreased during the…

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8 thoughts on “Drought 2015 | Outlook Not Good

      • Cool. You will be all over the place!

        Not sure when I will be on the trail. Just got done with 3 months of foot therapy. Will have to see how it is in April otherwise will have to wait til fall. Had someone tell me to start at Springer, GA in April but I WANT to finish PA!!!!!

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