Day 2. Wait, really!

My friend Linda “Karma” Daly is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. She’s an excellent story teller and hardcore hiker. Consider following her blog. You won’t be disappointed.

Karma on the PCT

It’s only day 2? Jeez. Time has slipped back into trail time, wherein every day lasfs a week.

Well… mile 22 and change. I got to Lake Morena at about 2, drank about 2 liters of blissfully chill water, and tore the crap out of my pack. Meaning I dumped about two pounds of stuff. Flipflops? Gone! Pretty green bandana? Trash! It’s fire sale time, just like at Neels Gap. At least I packed my stuff out. Other hikers are just dumping crap willy-nilly. Today I saw a pair of zip-off pants, a pair of boxer briefs, two pairs of Smartwool socks, a double egg foam mattress, and a five-pound jar of peanut butter. That first massive water carry is no joke. This is the desert, baby! Hot, hot heat.

I’m not the slowest nor the most out of shape hiker out here.

The heat continues to be brutal. It’s…

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