Day 20: Hiker superhighway!

At last. A good day for Karma.

Karma on the PCT

Mile 281.3 (15.2 miles, yo!)
Highest elevation: 7800 feet
Current: 7740 feet

You see that? 15.2 miles! It’s still not enough to cut the mustard, and I have to find a way to make 20s, but 15 has been a huge psychological hurdle for me. Given that I’m carrying heavy (ie, first day out of town with 100 miles’ worth of food, plus 3 liters of water) and the knee issues, today has been amazing! Maybe one of the best days yet.

Which is interesting because it had a shitty start. That’s how it goes out here. Every day = a week of regular time.

I’d made semi-arrangements with another hiker to share a cab to the trailhead. (I didn’t think a 5-mile roadwalk would help my knee, and I didn’t want to try hitching at 6:30 in the morning.) She bailed on the plan without texting me. Her reasons…

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