Day 21: Water fail!

The trials and tribulations continue.

Karma on the PCT

Mile 296.6 (15.3 miles)
Highest elevation: 7740 feet
Current: 5107 feet

Important things first: A friend of mine got some unwelcome medical news. I’m thinking about you, my friend! Real life is what’s important. This stuff out here is… I don’t know what it is, really.


Quote of the day: “This isn’t a race to Kennedy Meadows.”

I’m in my tent in a weird rocky field eating tuna I don’t want, just because it weighs 6 ounces and I don’t want to carry it anymore. You always eat the heaviest food first. Such is the math of the long-distance hiker.

I can’t tell if I’m losing weight. It’s weird. I think I am, but it must be coming off proportionally.

Last night I pitched my tent near another tent. It was a good night–minimal wind, but COLD. I couldn’t force myself up until nearly 6. After I packed up…

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