Day 29: Things come together

Four hundred miles. The lady is starting to rock it.

Karma on the PCT

Mile 404.2
Elevation: 5915 feet

Something finally clicked today. I don’t know how to put my finger on it. It was the usual collection of every emotion under the sun, of mishaps and mayhem and laughing and snacks, but at nearly a month on the trail, today felt for the first time like I was in the rhythm of the thing. Like I finally got my psychic trail legs.

We hit 400 miles today.

I snoozed more times than I wanted to and hit the trail at about 5:30. It was a cool morning but not frigid–good walking for the mile or two down to the road walk.

The road walk itself was beautiful. Cliff faces and pine trees.
I wanted my attention on the road, so I skipped fhe music. Instead, I listened to a Buddhist lecture on impermanence and the ability to be in the moment even when…

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