Day 31: Trailiversary!

Some days you get the trail. Others, the trail gets you.

Karma on the PCT

Mile 436.1
Elevation: Who cares? The clouds came to us!

The good news: One month! I survived 1 month! Let’s
see… 5 times 436 is… 2180 miles. About 600 short. So if I get that far, I’ll have to make up 600 miles in Northern California and Oregon. That’s always where I thought this thing would come off the rails, but we’ll see. That math is so far ahead that I can’t even wrap my brain around it.

The good news: I’m in my tent eating Snickers for dinner. And drinking soda.

The bad news: Today was the kind of day that makes hikers quit trails. (Generally speaking.) And it’s not just me! Everybody on this leg is having trouble at the moment because FREEZING WINDSTORM since last night! There are 30 hikers huddled at this ranger station hoping to survive this freaking wind advisory that’s
in effect until 10…

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