Seems Denise may have suffered a case of the Virginia blues, a common malady brought on by tedium and pain. I know I did. A thru hike is a 2,000 mile demolition derby for your body. An occasional rest can be therapeutic.

The Other Road

I know that my life is one big vacation right now, but sometimes you even need a break from vacation. So after waking up another cold, rainy morning in a long line of cold, rainy mornings, I decided I needed a getaway. After finally packing up my gear, I texted a good friend and asked for a refuge. As soon as she said yes, and I climbed the next hill for cell service and rented car. 16 miles later, I was at a hotel getting cleaned up to start my vacation the next day.

There were some very practical reasons for taking a few days off. First my feet were in desperate need of a break. The terrain had been very rocky recently and they were bruised and my shoes were literally falling apart. Second, I needed to switch out some gear items for lighter summer versions. I also needed…

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