Witt’s Chainsaw Rides Again!


That white glaze isn’t frosting.  It’s ice which atomizes when the teeth bite in.

Appalachian Trail, Northern Virginia, January 21, 2020 — The thermometer was slinking past 19 degrees this morning when we crunched gravel in the Keys Gap trailhead parking lot.  We were on a search and destroy mission to clear six blowdowns on the AT.


The frosty air pinched our noses as we rucked up the chainsaw and all its trimmings.  The first blowdown was quick on the march.  The white stuff is ice.


The chainsaw makes quick work of these guys.


All clear.  The next five were attacked in quick succession.


One side down.


Side two.  The round, or the middle chunk of log we removed, had to be cut in half.  It was too heavy to manhandle out of the way.


The formula is simple.  Convert gasoline to noise.  Noise is a catalyst that converts wood to sawdust.  Done.


6 thoughts on “Witt’s Chainsaw Rides Again!

  1. clearing trees, flying sawdust, clearing trees, taking names and kicking butt ! Thanks for all the work you guys do !!

    • You’re just jealous. If you lived near the trail, you’d have a giant chainsaw and would be out there every chance you got. Illinois is boring. Come on down!

  2. Yes, VERY jealous. Still have at least 3 more years I need to dedicate myself to the city and residents of the town before I can retire and then go play in woods with sharp objects !!

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