Is that all you got Pennsylvania?

Delaware Water Gap, Penn. AT NOBO mile 1,289.6, Monday May 5, 2014 — Big milestones today. I’m three tenths of a mile from crossing the New Jersey border and early this morning the odometer clicked less than 900 miles remaining before Mt. Katahdin. Amen!

As for Pennsylvania, it’s one of my favorite states.

At dinner we debated what percentage of the AT within the state is actually “rocky.” The consensus opinion is around 30 percent, meaning that the rest of the state is smoother than a baby’s bottom.

My friend Karma was correct yet again. Some of the rocky sections were rough, but they didn’t last long. They sure did some damage to our boots though.

So, Pennsylvania, is that all you got? If that’s it, you ain’t got nothin’!

Virginia was worse for both rocks and tedium. Maryland wins on total percentage of rocks and gratuitous boulder fields with rock pile traverses.

I love you Pennsylvania and I’m coming back to prove it.

The woods are beginning to transition into spring. The undergrowth is greening up. Soon we’ll be in the green tunnel. I’m posting two photos to show the contrast.

Tomorrow Enterprise car rental is picking me up so I can drive home to swap gear.

Nobody is yet switching into strictly summer equipment, so I’ll set it all up to be mailed as needed. I’ll sent my colder weather stuff forward to my cousin in Hanover, NH. There I’ll snag it as we enter the big boy mountains of NH and Maine.





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  1. I was at the Gap about 50 yrs ago. Cousins in Paterson, NJ took me there.

    Watch out for the Large Pile of Rocks up ahead. Footing could be tricky.

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