Pine Ellis Hostel, Andover, ME, 10 mile slack pack, Sunday July 6, 2014 — A certain successful 2013 thru hiker whose blog I’ve recommended suggested by email recently that the hike over the two Baldpate peaks would be “fun.”

Her wry wit and acute sense of irony and sarcasm tickled my caution meter. She could mean fun per se, or she could upgrade the sensation to a form of hard rock terrorism. Was she messing with my mind? Mind you, I’ve been an easy mark for head games lately.

Well, it turns out she meant what she said. Today’s hike was a joy.

The Baldpate peaks are a couple of granite domes separated by a gentle saddle. The slope angles are walkable wet or dry without fear. The wind, on the other hand, might up the pucker factor on occasion, but not today.

The photos tell the story. The scenery and hiking we’re amazing.

Two more slack days remain. Each is challenging. More on that later. Once they’re done I have to disappear for a few days for a wedding in Atlanta I wouldn’t miss on a bet. (I don’t plan these things.) Then it’s on to Katahdin.

Nice trail work.

Baldpate west peak – where we’re going.

Baldpate east peak – where we’ve been.







9 thoughts on “Baldpate

  1. Gorgeous country. And, a fine selfie.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed virtually hiking the AT with your guidance. It isn’t something I will ever do. I have a deep respect for those like you who are up to the challenge. I’ve gain insights and seen beautiful parts of nature.

    Thank you, Jim.

    • I’m delighted to share. Blogging has enriched my experience to an extent that’s difficult to appreciate for those in the virtual world. For one, it gives me a second job. The other one is avoiding falls. Secondly, it’s fun imagining being a tour guide. All day long I’m mentally cataloging things and experiences I think might interest the folks at home.

      • You are cataloging the right things. I know what you mean. My mind is often aware of how some experience might be shared in an interesting post. Would someone else find this cool, too?

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