Bemis and Old Blue

Pine Ellis Hostel, Andover, 13 mile slack pack, NH Monday July 7, 2014 —
We opened up this morning with a river ford , except we cheated. We didn’t even get our feet wet. Fallen tree trunks make fine bridges.

Early in the day I stumbled into a British couple with whom I’ve been corresponding since planning for this hike began. I walked over a rock dome and who should appear but Nigel Berry and his wife Christine. They have a wonderful blog that’s well worth the read.

Once again the hiking was backward (southbound). The direction accounted for a long ride to the trailhead in the morning capped by a short skip back to the hostel at the end of the day.

Today’s scenery featured more rebar than anything else. It’s indicative that the AT in Maine’s reputation isn’t entirely deserved. General people describe trail conditions with several adjectives including unimproved, rough, eroded, rocky, rooty, challenging, and even dangerous. Let’s just say for now that it’s more complicated than that.

All-in-all, another great day is in the books.











Just in case the perspective fools you. This is near vertical.



5 thoughts on “Bemis and Old Blue

  1. Sisu ! Love reading your blog. Enjoy the time away. I’m in millinocket at the AT lodge for the season. So will look for you. You gotta sign the ceiling at the AT cafe When you finish. Way to go! Your fan and head cheerleader in Maine.

    • I will definitely look you up when I get there. As you can imagine, I’m anxious to be in a position to autograph that ceiling! Only 220 more miles and 26 shelters to go. But first I have to attend a wedding in Atlanta – one of my favorite Georgia Tech student athletes and protégés. Will be back on the trail ASAP.

  2. PS: seeing lots of flip floppers here since 4th of July. That axiom about Harper’s ferry and the 4th is in full force for lots of thrus!

    • It’s been interesting watching some of the SOBOs beat their chests in self-congratulatory hubris just for finishing Maine. Those folks have no idea how long this hike is or all that can happen. I feel lucky in that regard. I always hope they make it, but you never know.

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