Kennebunkport, ME, Thursday July 10, 2014 — What did I ever do to deserve such friends?

My hike is 220 miles and 26 shelters away from being complete and it’s time to begin reflecting upon what I’ve learned. Perhaps the most profound lesson is about friendship.

This morning the sun is rising as I take my morning coffee on my friend Ed’s oceanside deck. I’ve known him since we were introduced at a Hash in Panama about 20 years ago. We’ve been pals since bonded my our common love of running and being outdoors.

Tuesday Ed trucked for three hours up to northern Maine so that I could catch my flight today to that special wedding in Atlanta this weekend. He also drove Warren forward to a hostel in Rangely where he also was able to collect his food box at the post office. That’s selfless.

Somewhere along the line Ed learned to cut stone. The calm of the gardens he’s sculpted since then around his house is unsurpassed. It’s a special treat to share them.

I am a lucky fellow to have been touched so selflessly by so many friends including those who have shared their sincere encouragement as I’ve bumped along the trail. Then there are the friends I’ve made along the way with whom the bond of a shared journey is unique.

How did the likes of Val, Tim, Katie, Deb, Larry, and Ed come my way? Each of them shared their homes and their precious time when I needed it. I don’t know the answer, but I can never thank them enough.

The age old lesson has been confirmed. It’s the people in your life that make it worth living. In that regard I am indeed very fortunate.






5 thoughts on “Friends!

  1. Such a kind post to write. It’s easy to see why you have such great friends! Such relaxing scenery. Wow…220 miles remaining! An incredible journey made so interesting for those of us following your blog by your eye for detail and appreciation for all you experience. The rest of your walk will be great!

  2. Jim, I have enjoyed your travelogue. You have enough here for a great travel book, but the journey must have been priceless.

    • Joe, It’s far more than that. Pricy is the first word that comes to mind. On the other hand, it’s impossible to duplicate the wonders of this journey. I’m lucky to have has the physical capacity and the youthful outlook to undertake such an adventure. Best of all, I doubt I could have done it alone. That realization alone was worth the price of admission. Before this trip I imagined myself as a rock. Now I know I am but a grain of sand on a beach.

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